Date Stamp: 1979
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
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Here is the Bio from the “The Lord of the Rings” book published by Loring Publishing Corp., and designed by Dana Bryan.

ARAGORN:  “The valiant warrior, Aragorn was the direct descendant of the last King of Gondor.  Himself, the son of Aragorn II, fifteenth Chieftain of the Dunedain of Arnor, Aragorn was raised by Elrond after his father had died in battle when Aragorn was only two years old.  On his twentieth birthday, Elrond told him of his heritage and royal lineage.  Aragorn became a Ranger of the North wandering about until his destiny could be fulfilled through the friendship of Gandalf the Grey and the others of the Fellowship of the Ring which he hesp guide during the journey.  A brave fighter, and possibly, the wisest of living men, Aragorn was known to Frodo as “Strider,” a name used at their first meeting at Bree when their attachment began.”

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