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Want to add information or a correction to an existing Action Figure Line, Series or Figure that is listed in the Online Reference Guide?

Do you want to submit an additional picture(s) to the Figures Detail page for an Action Figure Line that already exists?

Anyone can submit pictures or information to an existing Action Figure Line. Simply fill in the form with the Line, Series and Figure that you are making reference to. Type a message in the "Text Field" with the new information to be added or the correction that you wish to report.

If you are submitting an image, attach image before hitting the "SEND" button.

Do not see an Action Figure Line listed in the Reference Guide?

We are always looking for collectors who are experts in a particular line to add their knowledge and pictures to the Online Action Figure Reference Guide. If you are an expert in an Action Figure Line and you want to add your knowledge to the Reference Guide then this is what you need to do:

  1. 1. You must be a member of
  2. 2. Use the form and list the Action Figure Line, Size and Manufacturer of the line you wish to submit. Type in a message about yourself in the "Text Field" and then hit the SEND button.
  3. 3. Once an admin approves your request, your members area will update with tools that allow you to add an entire line. (See theHelp menu under "Add Rights" to learn how to add.)

Reasons to add an Action Figure Line not currently listed in the Online Reference Guide:
  • Your name will be listed as the collector and expert who added the Action Figure Line.
  • You will become one of our elite members which will have benefits.
  • If you don't, someone else will.
  • The toy Gods will smile upon you for sharing your knowledge with the collecting world.
  • You will help make this the best Online Reference Guide ever.