Date Stamp: 1986
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
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Updated: 08-08-2019

Did you know?
His armor glows in the dark! This is one of the hardest figures to find of all time. This figure is Super-Rare!

This is what is written in the "Rulers of the Sun" booklet Written by Michael Brown that came with one of the figures:

“Digitino, Computer Wizard:   Within a secret government laboratory somewhere in California, a fate-changing operation has been completed.  American scientist stand about an operating table upon which lies a patient.  “Well Doctors, we’ve done it, “said the chief surgeon, Dr. Charles Drew, “all all for the betterment of mankind.  We’ve fused together computerized machines with the living tissues of a human brain.  We now have a man who has half his brain connected with a computer.  We’ve given our fellow scientist Carlos Montanez a great gift today.”

“Tue, Dr. Drew, Carlos’ mathematical abilities were already superior to most, now his logic will be perfect, “said Dr. Maria Gonzalez.  “When our government heard of our plans to make a human machine brain connection, they financed it and gave us permission to seek volunteers.  But who would have thought Carlos Montanez would have so quickly thrown himself forward for such a project,” said Dr. Drew.  “After all he is one of the scientists behind this project.” 

“Look closely, doctors, Notice the incredible light patterns within Carlos.  He now holds the power of a hundred thousand stored computer banks in those lights.  Yet his normal brain and human abilities have not been altered or disturbed.  Yes, Dr. Gonzales, Carlos will use his new computer knowledge and human compassion for the good of man.  He’s going to be a fantastic Superhero.  Let’s remove the electrodes.” 

Carlos lifts himself to a sitting position on the operating table.  “My friends, we’ve done it.” ‘Of course, Dr. Montanez, with you we knew we would succeed. I’m happy to serve science this way.  Now colleagues, I’d like to get to my room and rest before dinner.  With these quick recovery grains, I’m already feeling myself again.”  Carlos returns to his room.  Just as he stretches out on his bed, the room fills with a strange glow.  He sees a vision of the ancient Aztecs and Toltec’s.  Suddenly, the plummed serpent god Quetzacoatl appears:  “Take this key staff and breast plate.  For you now have the power to key into the history of life.  Our computer brain’s knowledge will enable you to quickly solve any problem that confronts you.  When held upwards, the key staff will recharge your digital breastplate.  This will allow you to intercept any data you desire.  You are tuned into the year 2017.  It is the dimension that I come from.  It is where your source of strength lies.  The vast knowledge of the galaxy is now yours”, the voice said in Spanish.

“But what is my mission?” Carlos asks.  “You are to stop Subtractus, the vile villain who uses a disappearing ray in his crime sprees.  He is seeking to drain the world of knowledge so there will be no understanding between mankind and people will begin to destroy each other.  That is his wicked plan.  He erases data and makes things fade away.  You’re the only one who can stop him.  For you have become Digitino, a computer wizard, a mathematical genius.  You are so named Digitino because you are the son of the system of numerals and numbers which are also known as digits.  You can stop his evil program.  You are the king of knowledge.  Stopping the scientific super villain’s Substactus will be a fine way of learning all you new computer powers.  You must seek him out today, without delay!”  “I’m on my way, great Sage.”  “Have no fear, just use your brain and you will always win.””

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