Date Stamp: 1986
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
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Did you know?
This is one of the hardest figures to find of all time. This figure is Super-Rare!

This is what is written in the "Rulers of the Sun" booklet Written by Michael Brown that came with one of the figures:

"The Legend of Bolt-Man, Molecule Regenerator:  Joe Red Eagle, an Indian student at Iowa's Black Hawk School, often wondered about the great heroes of his heritage.  In competitive sports he often dreamed he was a great Indian Chief or Brave, Joe Red Eagle's thoughtful dreams came true one day.  Joe Never knew his biological mother and father.  He had been raised by his great-great-great-great grandmother.  She often told him stories about what the old West was like.  She told him how the pale-face cowboys came in with guns and stole the land from the Indians.  Joe and his one hundred and thirty-nine year old "mother" as he called her, were of the fighting Apache Bloodline.  The old woman's longevity was a local miracle and the village loved to hear her tales of bravery and courage.  She brought new understanding about the proud legacy of the Indians.

One day she became sick.  On her death bed, she revealed to her young Joe, who was called "Bolt" by all his friends because of this quick athletic abilities, what his nickname would mean to him.  She asked Bolt to pull an old wood box from a wall where it was concealed.  Out of the box she plucked an old turquoise cloth.  It looked plain blue, but it began to glow in her hands.  She placed it around Joe's head and said: "Feather Man, our tribe's last medicine man, gave this to me.  He told me to present it to my sixth generation grandson.  He told me you would be known as Bolt-Man.  Feather Man called this the circle of the great spirits.  It holds the souls of all the great chiefs and Indian Braves of honor.  Their spirits passed through the band as they rowed across the lake of death.  For you now have their power and the ability to heal and recreate the life force of molecules.  Molecules are tiny substances of atoms.  Atoms are a source of potential energy.  You can regenerate or restore that which has lost its energy force.  You need only touch this band to do so.  When you do, two bolts of lightning will pass through your chest like a stroke of light.  Then the spirits of the past will fly over and float above your head and you will be able to change into anyone of the great Indians of your heritage.  The bolts have special powers because whatever you touch with them will be restored."  With those words, his "mother" fell into a deep sleep.

Bolt-Man knew in his heart he would do only good with the power from his head band.  He saw himself standing on a mountain and around him he saw chief Black Hawk, the Fox and Saux leader; Pontiac, chief of the Ottawa; Sitting Bull, chief of the Dakota; leader of the Sioux and his immediate ancestors Geronimo, the brave Apache and his tribal leader Cochise.  He looked around and there was Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Pawnee, Cheyenne, Navaho, Crow, Ute, and Mohawk all wish him well.  Bolt-Man's confidence, strength, and ability to achieve blossomed.  He heard the pound of drums and war yelp0s from a distant past, and all the warriors smiled and nodded at their SuperHero.

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