Beast Man Collector Statue
Date Stamp: 2002
Size: 12.1 to 24 inches
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Added On: 12-01-2011
Updated: 12-04-2011

Did you know?

This is what the description was on the eBay auction:

Designer's Vision:

"This Beast man figure was created by designer Binh Luong.  "My approach to Beast Man was to create an ambiance of his lair deep within Snake Mountain," Luong said.  "I placed him in the mist of the pitch black night.  I used lighting as my method to create effects of the Lava illuminating through the cracks of the rocky lair and the many moons shinning bright through any crevasses it can find from the wall above.  His whip extens far in front of him as he cracks the whip at the many beast he controls.""

The 13.5" figure was sculpted, casted and co-designed by the world renowned Four Horsemen..

The Custom paint design was created by mattel Designer, Binh Luong.

The base was designed and casted by Mattel Master Modelmaker, Hank Miller.

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