MOTU - Ed Watts Statues

Manufacturer: Mattel
AKA Masters of the Universe Ed Watts
Began: 2000s
Size: Giant Size over 12in
Added By: Shuptrine
Did you know?

Back at the end of 2001 or the start of 2002, I can't recall the exact year. I do know it was after the Four Horsemen released the 2001 exclusive He-Man statue at Comic Con, but was right before or at the start of the launch of the 200X figures of the Masters of the Universe.  On eBay someone at Mattel listed 6 statues to raise money for Ed Watts an long time employee of Mattel.  Here is what was written at the start of each of these auctions:

"this auction is being offered by Mattel in order to benefit Ed Watts and his family.  Ed Watts is a former Mattel employee who worked as a designer on Hot Wheels cars and Masters of the Universe products for over 15 years.  His contributions to these two product lines, and his artistic influence on Mattel's design staff, are still felt today.  Last year Ed was eiagnosed with a very serious (type 4) brain tumor, which he is bravely fighting.  Ed's friends and former co-workers at Mattel felf compelled to come together to raise funds for the Watts family by donating their personal time and ingenuity to create these amazing one-of-a-kind collectibles.  Please be assured that all of the auction proceeds (net of Mattel's costs) will go to the worthy cause of helping out the 
Watts family in this time of need."

There was also a "Designer's Vision" and a few notes about the figure listed. (I will post the description under the figures detail page) The six figures that were offered were:  He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms,  Mer-Man, Trapjaw, and Beast Man and they were some really cool statues.  These auctions closed between $2,800 to $6,800 I think with the Skeletor being the most.  (I could be off on the numbers slightly so if you remember please let me know).

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