AKA Weaponstronic
Date Stamp: 1991
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
Added By: Shuptrine
Added On: 07-24-2011
Updated: 08-08-2019

Did you know?

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian

Primian Protocol Android redesigned and reprogrammed for robotic battle action.  When danger triggers his red alert systems, his blasters are ready and his face mask pops forward, revealing infrared power probes and computer scanners.

Mission:  To use his data banks to hilp He-Man adjust to his strange, new home and to put his unique fighting features to work against Skeletor and the Evil Mutants as good and evil battle for control of all the power of the universe.

Battle Equipment:  Heat seeking mini-missile & hyper-blaster.

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