NA He-Man - Series III 1991



This series there were 7 figures released.  This was also the only series that they did not release a He-man and Skeletor figure in.

Did you know?

Artilla 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian

Primian Protocol Android redesigned and reprogrammed for robotic battle action.  When danger triggers his red alert systems, his blasters are ready and his face mask pops forward, revealing infrared power probes and computer scanners.

Mission:  To use his data banks to hilp He-Man adjust to his strange, new home and to put his unique fighting features to work against Skeletor and the Evil Mutants as good and evil battle for control of all the power of the universe.

Battle Equipment:  Heat seeking mini-missile & hyper-blaster.

Butthead 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:

Evil Mutants

Head-Butting Denebrian Prizefighter who gave up his heavyweight title to take on all comers for Skeletor.  With his telescoping neck he can strike like a creater snake while staying out of his opponent's reach.

Mission:  To use his neck stretching talent and triple-threat blaster to guard the gates of Skuldor and tell any Galactic Guardian intruders to butt out of Skeletor's buisness.

Battle Equipment:  Space spear / Battle Blade / Mega Blaster.

Quakke 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:.

Evil Mutant

The legendary hard-headed, Bad Tempered, Boulder-Busting Bandit from the meteor pelted dunes of the Denebrian Desert.  This carbo-silcon mutant can smash fortress walls and crush the forces of good armed with his grabtron meteor mace.

Mission:  Skeletor has set Quakke loose on Primus to break-up the Galatic Guardians, shatters their stronghold, and seal the secret of the Vasionic Resonator which shields the planet from outer space attacks.

Battle Equipment:  Grabatron meteor mace & meteor

Sagitar 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardians

Galloping Battle Beast from the planet Palomar, Sagitar was saved from a life of slavery in the Denebrian mines by He-Man.  In return for his freedom, he carries He-Man into battle on his back and uses his palomite running knuckles for galloping on serving up super knuckle sandwiches for Mutants.  Although some of the Galactic Guardians don't like his beastly manners they are glad to have his foru-armed giant on their side in battle.

Mission:  To use all four of his might arms, his shield, and his sword to help He-Man free Primus from the evil clutches of Skeletor.

Battle Equipment:  lazer Sword & Energy Shield

Action Feature:  Bend torso for galloping or Battle poses.  Also can carry another Galactic Guardian into battle on his back.

Spinwit 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian

A tough Talking Star Pilot who always has a joke to tell over the sub-space freighter channel.  But when it comes down to a fight, he means serious business.  His two-fisted tornado spin can knock out a whole squadron of Evil Mutants.

Mission:  To pilot cargo through evil enemy lines and deliver much neede supplies to He-Man and the Galactic Guardians.  He and his good buddy Tuskador, the trader, make an unbeatable pair in the fight to save the planet Primus from Skeletor.

Battle Equipment:  2 spin shields and spear-racket trident.  Twist clockwise until waist locks into position.  Press button-- He spins into action, arms raise automatically.

Staghorn 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:

Evil Mutant

The towering Mutant Tracker from the deepest, darkest part of the frozen Fog Zone on the evil planet Denebria.  His dreaded shield of horns and heat-seeking eye enable him to move through the dense ice clouds and flip anything in his path out of the way.

Mission:  To capture Sebrian, the wisest man on Primus, and the most zealous supporter of the Galactic Guardians in the Planetary Council.  there is no place to hide from this High-tech hunter.

Battle Equipment:  Armor/battle antlers and axe blaster.  Push up lever to lower antlers and a shield.  Antlers flip up.

Tuskador 5 in to 6 in 1991

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian

Mighty and Mysterious Inter-galactic Trader from the star system Polarides.  He's ready to fight fist and tusk for He-Man to keep the starways clear of Evil Mutants.  There is no escape for an Evil Mutant caught in his swiveling tusks.

Mission:  To search the star system for the supplies that He-Man and the Galactic Guardians urgently need t battle Skeletor and his Evil Mutants.

Batt.e Equipment:  Swiveling tusks & Mega Blaster

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