NA He-Man - Series I 1989



Series I: Released in 1989 and only introduced 6 new figures.

Did you know?

Flipshot 5 in to 6 in 1989

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian:

Daring Space Ace From the cloud city, Levitan, on planet Primus. He is equipped and ready to "flip" into battle at a moments notice. Leaves the Tri-Solar system with Captain Hydron and travels back to search the Universe for He-Man.

Mission: To aid He-Man and Captain Hydron in their fight to save the universe and to lead the air defense against Skeletor and the evil goons from planet Denebria.

Battle Equipment: Helmet, Jet Back-Pack, Wrist Rockets.

Flogg 5 in to 6 in 1989

Stats from the card back:

Evil Mutants

Evil Mutant Leader of the goon squad from the aien planet Denebria located in the Tri-Solar System. Flogg has a nasty temper and lashes out with his Energy Whip whenever he gets angry. He hates Skeletor but serves the evil lord as his grumbling second in command!

Mission: To lead his moronic mutant asistant, Slushhead, and the rest of the goon aliens when Skeletor commands them to attack He-Man and the Galactic Guardians from planet Primus.

Battle Equipment: Helmet, Shoulder Armor, Energy Whip.

He-Man 5 in to 6 in 1989

Stats from the card back:

Heroic Master

The Most Powerful Man in the Universe! An explosion of power permanently transformed Prince Adam into He-Man when evil lord Skeletor tricked space travelers from the future into transferring the power of the Universe from Castle Grayskull into a Starship Eternia.

Mission: To pilot his new starship/power center into the future to capture the evil lord Skeletor and his goon squad of Evil Mutants before they wreak havoc in the Tri-Solar System and destroy the Universe.

Battle Equipment: Helmet, body armor, powersword, energy shield.

The most powerful man in the Universe! Has traveled through thime and space to capture Skeletor and bring hinm to Justice.

hgd 5 in to 6 in 1964


Hydron 5 in to 6 in 1989

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardians

Courageous Leader of the Galactic Guardians from planet Primus who swings his arms into the battle against evil. Leaves the Tri-Solar System with Lieutenant Flipshot and travels back in time to search the universe for He-Man.

Gallan space-sea Commander! Has come from the Guardian Sea to lead the underwater defense against the evil Skeletor.

Mission: To bring He-Man back to the future and lead Lieutenant Flipshot and the Galactic Guardians into battle against Skeletor and the alien goons from planet Denebria.

Battle Equipment: Helmet, Back-Pack, Triton Spear Gun.

Skeletor 5 in to 6 in 1989

Stats from the card back

Evil Mutants Leader

A bionic blend of the ultimate evil! Has escaped from Eternia to the Triax Galaxy where he has begun a new reign of terror to enslave the future!

Battle Equipment: A Phaser Staff, Helmet & cape. Twist waist from side to side to make him block and battle with is staff!

Slush Head 5 in to 6 in 1989

Stats from the card back:

Evil Mutants

Evil Mutant moron and goon squad member from the Quagmi Swamp on alien planet Denebria! Has suckers on his arms and water on his brain!

Battle Equipment: Trident Laser-Axe.

Make him hold his enemies with his high-tech tentacles. raise his Right Arm and let go to make Trident Laser-Axe chop down in Battle.

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