NA He-Man - Series IV 1992



Series four is the series with the rariest of figures. Missle Armor Flipshot, Too-tall Hoove, and Hook em' Flogg. Even the Spin Fist Hydron and Disk of Doom Skeletor figures are hard to come by.

Did you know?

Items of interest

Flipshot - Missile Armor 5 in to 6 in 1992

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian

Top gun pilot in the Star Force from Primus.  His special armor fired missiles at his opponent.

Battle Equipment:  Glider, missles, one with flipshot action.

Flogg - Hook 'em 5 in to 6 in 1992

Evil Mutant

Evil Mutant Leader of the good squad from the Alien Planet Denebria loacated in the Tri-Solar System.

Battle Equipment:  Tri-tiped grappling hook.


This the 4th Series version of Brakk and is a very rare and hard to get figure. In most cases an import figure not easily found in the USA.

He-Man - Thunder Punch 5 in to 6 in 1992

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardian

The Most Powerful Man in the Universe!  He holds the fate of Primus and the rest of the universe in his powerful hands.  Eternian strength flows through his sword arm and thunder rumbles in his punch.

Mission:  To champion the good for all times, past and future.

Battle Equipment:  Sword, Deflector Shield & battle harness.

Hoove - Too-Tall 5 in to 6 in 1992

Evil Mutant

Stubborn, Mule-minded Mutant from the outer reaches of the Fog Xone on evil planet Denebria.

Battle Equipment:  Gun

Action Feature:  Figure's legs and arms extend

Hydron - Spin Fist 5 in to 6 in 1992

Stats from the card back:

Galactic Guardians

The Courageous Commander of the Galactic Guardians!  With a spin of his wrist, Hydron fights the battle against evil.  He sometimes travels back in time with Lieutenant Flipshot to search the universe for He-Man.

Mission:  To use his rotating wrist to create a whirlpool for capturing mutant invaders on the Primian Sea.

Battle Equipment:  Triton spear gun & helmet

Skeletor - Battle Blade 5 in to 6 in 1992

Stats from the card back:

Evil Mutant

The Evil master of the Universe!  Skeletor has been tranformed by lumina radiation absorbed in an atom-smashing explosion.  His eyes blaze with evil and his Battle armor glows with Power.

Mission:  1.  To slice He-Man down to size and lead him to a shameful end at the Galactic Guardian Games on the planet Primus.  2.  To seize all the power in the universe.

Battle Equipment:  Quadro-blade, deflector shield & luminactive Battle Armor.

Intesity of glow varies with the amount of light used.

Z - prototype - Darius 5 in to 6 in 1992

Darius shown on the card back, but was never released only a prototype was made 

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