Lords of Light

Manufacturer: PAC Toys
Began: 1980s
Size: 3 to 4 inches
Added By: Shuptrine
Did you know?

Lords of Light by PAC Toys were produced and released in 1984.  On the Card back there are 3 sections of products listed:

First section is the “Lords of Light” which feture two figures and two steeds:

  1. Lord Luma - Greatest Izzurian Warrior and Guardian of Prince Futurion No. 82316
  2. 2.       Prince Futurion -  Future King and protector of Izzurian Secret Powers No. 82318
  3. 3.       Leborio – Izzurian Mobile Battle computer No.82306
  4. 4.       Equestrian – Izzurian Power Horse No.82307

Note:  These figures have never surfaced, but are believed to have been produced based off of a interview with one of the lines designers.


Second section is the “Evilites” which were produced and consist of 4 figures.  These four figures are all modified Mego’s Micronauts figures.  What made these figures so cool is that you could remove the heads of the figures and then insert a mini glow stick into the chest.  Figures came packed with 3 Emralyete Power Rods (glow sticks),  order form to purchase more glow sticks, 6 for $3.95, and a mini comic which gave somewhat of a back story.

  1. Emperor Dementia – Ruthless Leader of Evilites sworn to kill all Izzurians No.82311
  2. Topen – Evilite Reptilian Killer No. 82304; Lobros figure from the Micronauts line.
  3. Nepos – Swift Insect-like Evilite Annhihilator No.82305; Kronos figure from the Micronauts line.
  4. Toriac – Dreaded Bat-like Evilite creature No. 82302; Antron figure from the Micronauts line.


Third Section is the “Izzurian Space Vehicles” which also have never surfaced and are unconfirmed as being produced.

  1. Searcher No. 82328
  2. Electro Torque all Terrain Vehicle No. 82327
  3. C.A.P. CON 1 No. 40010
  4. Cosmic Raider No. 82330
  5. Emralyte Defender  No. 82329
  6. Hyper Flyte  No. 82326

A great Website all about these figures: http://www.innerspaceonline.com/lolhome.htm

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