Earth Force

Manufacturer: Pace Toys Inc
Began: 1980s
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
Added By: Shuptrine
Did you know?

Earth Force by Pace Toys:

Background:  The universe has Evolved to the point where all Planets must send Peace Keeping Forces to join the "Federation of the universe" whose combined Forces patrol the Galaxies monitoring the potential trouble zones.  The individuals that represent the Planet Earth are known as "The Earth Force".  The members of this elite team each have special Cyborg Armament that greatly increase their powers, when the Cyborg The "Earth Force" is comprised of three, two Member Teams.

The Cyborg Team:  Cherokee & Lazar

Ground Team:  Professor Hackett & Colonel Jackson

Flight Team:  Major Barton & Commander Kelley

Later on after these three teams did so well two more, 3 man teams were released:

Series 2:  The Explorer Team:  Doctor Roger Wolf, Professor Orden Atom, & Doctor Hank Tago.

Series 3: The Star Rangers:  Ranger Colonel Ned E. Utron, Ranger Major Bart Nigel, & Ranger Captain Don Oppler.

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