Monsters of the Galaxy

Manufacturer: Camy
Began: 1980s
Size: 6 in to 7 in
Added By: Shuptrine
Did you know?

Monsters of the Galaxy by Camy released 1980's - Made in Italy. 

There were a total of 9 figures and 2 beast released for this line:  Iron-Man, Rider, Flash, Demon, Atrox-Beast, Squalum, Timat, Acronos, and Kron.  These figures are not the highest of quality, but they are very cool looking figures and pretty rare to complete the full collection.  Tiamat is the hardest and most rare figure to get out of this line; for a while I thought he might have never been made, but I finally found one.  Rider, Demon, Kron, and Flash are the next rare bunch to come by.  As for the other four figures; Iron-Man, Atrox-Beast, Acronos, and Squalum I have seen about 15 of these carded sell on eBay over the years.  Although not as rare as the other figures these are still rare to come by.

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