Monsters of the Galaxy



Monsters of the Galaxy by Camy released 1980's - Made in Italy. 

There were a total of 9 figures and 2 beast released for this line:  Iron-Man, Rider, Flash, Demon, Atrox-Beast, Squalum, Timat, Acronos, and Kron.  These figures are not the highest of quality, but they are very cool looking figures and pretty rare to complete the full collection.  Tiamat is the hardest and most rare figure to get out of this line; for a while I thought he might have never been made, but I finally found one.  Rider, Demon, Kron, and Flash are the next rare bunch to come by.  As for the other four figures; Iron-Man, Atrox-Beast, Acronos, and Squalum I have seen about 15 of these carded sell on eBay over the years.  Although not as rare as the other figures these are still rare to come by.

Did you know?

Acronos 6 in to 7 in None


Atarax 6 in to 7 in None

Atrox-Beast was the first Monsters of the Galaxy figures that I ever bought.  I thought this figure looked super cool and had to have it.

Demon 6 in to 7 in None

Demon- talk about a cool looking figure; this figure looks like it could fit right in with the Evil Horde from Masters of the Universe for sure.

Flash 6 in to 7 in None

Flash - I never knew why they called this guy Flash; he does not look very fast at all.  You would think they could come up with a better name for this guy with all the spikes on his helmet.

Iron Man 6 in to 7 in None

Iron-Man - I don't know what to say about this one other than if it was not for the cape ...

Kron 6 in to 7 in None

Kron -  This is one of the harder figures to come by; second hardest figure to get in this line.

Rider 6 in to 7 in None

Rider - With this name I guess he was meant to ride one of the beast produced in this line; Black Thunder and/or Bok- Battle Beast.

Squalum 6 in to 7 in None

Squalum - I do not know what it is about this guy, but I think he looks cool.

Timat 6 in to 7 in None

Tiamat - I have only seen this one and a picture of one other example of this figure.  This is one of  the rarest figures that I have ever tracked down.  I would say out of all the figures that I have collected over the years this one is in the top 5 hardest figures to get for sure.

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