Monsters of the Galaxy



There were a total of 9 figures and 2 beast released for this line: Iron-Man, Rider, Flash, Demon, Atrox-Beast, Squalum, Timat, Acronos, and Kron.

Did you know?

Acronos 6 in to 7 in None


Atarax 6 in to 7 in None

Atrox-Beast was the first Monsters of the Galaxy figures that I ever bought.  I thought this figure looked super cool and had to have it.

Demon 6 in to 7 in None

Demon- talk about a cool looking figure; this figure looks like it could fit right in with the Evil Horde from Masters of the Universe for sure.

Flash 6 in to 7 in None

Flash - I never knew why they called this guy Flash; he does not look very fast at all.  You would think they could come up with a better name for this guy with all the spikes on his helmet.

Iron Man 6 in to 7 in None

Iron-Man - I don't know what to say about this one other than if it was not for the cape ...

Kron 6 in to 7 in None

Kron -  This is one of the harder figures to come by; second hardest figure to get in this line.

Rider 6 in to 7 in None

Rider - With this name I guess he was meant to ride one of the beast produced in this line; Black Thunder and/or Bok- Battle Beast.

Squalum 6 in to 7 in None

Squalum - I do not know what it is about this guy, but I think he looks cool.

Timat 6 in to 7 in None

Tiamat - I have only seen this one and a picture of one other example of this figure.  This is one of  the rarest figures that I have ever tracked down.  I would say out of all the figures that I have collected over the years this one is in the top 5 hardest figures to get for sure.

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