There was only one series of released with two Battling Monsters; Hammertail and Crackarm.

Did you know?

Items of interest

Crackarm Giant Size over 12in 1986

Be careful Hammertail!  Crackarm will hit your horn and knock your thundering tail right out of its socket.

Crackarm has secret weak spots.  Hit either horn to make an arm fly off!  Hitting the center bone makes both arms fly off at once.  Watch out crackarm because Hammertail knows your secret! Push the btton on one side to make an arm thrash and knock over enemies, or push both buttons to make both arms sweep closed at once.

Hammertail Giant Size over 12in 1986

Swing Fast Crackarm!  Hammertail will smash your horn with his lightning tail and knock your arm off.

Watch out Hammertail! - Pressing either horn toward the head will make the tail fly off.  Push head into upright locked position insert tail with head in upright position, puss the button on the belt of Hammertail to make his terrible tail lash over his head.

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