Manufacturer: S&T Sales Inc.
Began: 1980s
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
Added By: Shuptrine
Did you know?

This line of Action Figures is super rare to come by even though this was a dollar store knock off line. 

Here is what is written on the cardback;


Speclatron- The particle people - A race of super beings, born as minute particles of colored light, where space and time begin, have landed on the planet Earth.  Speclatron come from other planets some in our Galaxay, some in Galaxies not known to Earth people.  They are possessed of glitter power which enables the Speclatron to overcome all obstacles, weapons, and enemies.  Hero and Kandar fight for the forces of righteousness in the universe against the evil power of Deemin, Dethlor, Adak, and Venum.

Press the belt of the Speclatron to activate the dynamic glitter power in their chests.  When surging through their chests this energy makes them invincible and victorious for the forces of good or evil.  You must activate the Speclatron Glitter power to discover whether Hero, Kandar, Deemin, Dethlor, Adak, or Venum is thiumphant.

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