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Godzilla 20" figure Giant Size over 12in 1977

Godzilla was first introduced in a 1954 Japanese movie that was release in 1956 in the USA. It is a story about a Giant Monster that was mutated by nuclear radiation and causes havoc on Japan.

This Action figure / Monster was released in 1977 in the Shogun Warriors series made by Mattel in 1977. The Series was based on the "Mazinger Z" animated series from Japan. (I just listed this figure until someone with more knowledge adds the Shogun Warriors to the reference guide.)

This figure was made out of hollow plastic and had a detachable tail. There is a lever on the back of his head that you can move to simulate him breathing fire. His right fist would launch by a press on a button on is arm for flying punch action. Since the figure was so large there are 3 wheels on the bottom of each foot so you could roll him across the floor so he could attack. This is an awesome figure to have, but is had to find in good condition with flying fist present and/or his fire action lever in working order.

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