Cosmic Cowboys - X-Changers

Manufacturer: Acamas
AKA X-Changers
Began: 1980s
Size: 4.1 to 7 inches
Added By: Shuptrine
Did you know?
Cosmic Cowboy members share the secret of X-Changeability with x-Changers,X-Troopers,X-Terminators,X-force and Battlehawks.


To the far flung pioneer planets of the wild cosmic frontier comes law and order in the person of Starmarshall Colt Laazor, known throughout the galaxy as "Planet Tamer." 

Starmarshall Colt Laazor brings with him the latest state of the art weaponry and his force of Star Deputies.- 

Sgt. Alpha Cody:  Tough reliable right hand man to the Starmarshall.  He is an expert in weapons of all kinds.

Chief Iron Lance:  Last member of a lost tribe of planet people.  An expert tracker on all terrains including the vast emptiness of space.  His psychic power over starships makes him an invaluable member of the Cosmic Cowboys.

Buck Meteor:  Bounty Hunter and uneasy ally of the Starmarshall.  Buck is not always satisfied to stick to the letter of the cosmic law.  He is a very resourceful outlaw hunter, and expert steel horse rider and a good weapon master.

Against the forces of justice are the outlaws who prey upon the prospectors and settlers of the frontier planets.

The outlaw leader, "Two Gun" iron Jaw Blackstarr, is the most wanted "cyborg" in the galaxy Blackstarr wants the mined ones and riches of these untamed planets for himself and his "Black Hole" gang of Iron Jaw Henchman.

Jake Sidewinder is second in command of the outlaw gang and an ornery villain whose crimes are known throughout the cosmic frontier.

Starmarshall Colt Laezor and his deputies face a never ending struggle to bring law and order to the outpost planets of the cosmic frontier.

Distributed by Spearhead Industries, Inc. Made by Acamas.

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